Pre-Moon Watch & Pre-Moon Camera
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Not a true Moon watch 105.012/145.012 and a Moon camera HDC/HEC (modified 500EL) but close enough

Not many people know in the first moon landing, besides Neil Armstrong’s 105.012, Buzz Aldrin’s Speedmaster (most likely 105.012 too, sadly lost after Apollo 11) and Michael Collins’ 145.012, a Hasselblad HDC and an HEC were also taking the trip. These two cameras took the first photos by humankind from the moon. The HDC was attached to the chest of Armstrong’s space suit when he took the first step on the moon.

Actually as early as in NASA Mercury missions, brought by astronauts, Omega and Hasselblad have been to the outer space.

Talking about pre-moon, Wally Schirra had his 2998 and Hasselblad 500C (with the same Planar f/2.8 as in this picture) in Sigma 7. And the most iconic image “Earthrise” was taken by Bill Anders aboard Apollo 8 using a 500EL.

Earthrise - Image Credit: NASA


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