More than four years in waiting! So far in my life I don’t remember I have waited for anything else longer than that, even my … Well, it is over now, and I think you understand how excited I am. My apology for the long post. To skip my helpless ranting, just go to the last part for pictures of the watch.

Taking Off

A little more than four years ago, in early 2005, I took the plunge and ordered my Simplicity. This is one of a few watches that I purchased without seeing an example in metal. The usual wisdom is that one should see a watch in real to tell whether it speaks to him. However I am sure few exceptions do occur. The Simplicity, being an exceptional watch, makes such an exception for me.

I chose WG 37mm with guilloche dial. It’s probably the most popular choice and it did speak to me from pictures. My serial number is 158. I didn’t ask for this number as I didn’t know that I could request a desirable number out of the remaining ones available. I simply took the number given to me. Interestingly, by coincidence a couple of other watches (VH and PSM in particular) I acquired also have 1, 5 and 8 in the serial number. So looks like these are my lucky numbers. (In fact 1 and 5 are my birth date numbers, and everyone likes 8.) 

When I placed my order, I was told by M. Dufour that I would have to wait for three years or longer.

The Journey

I was glad that I took the plunge. I was glad to find out that I was not alone in the water, and that several good friends of mine also placed order around the same time. Now we got on the same boat. 

My journey turned out to be more than three years.

Three years passed. No sign of delivery. I sent an email to M. Dufour and got reply that my watch would not be delivered in 2008. 

I tried to look at the bright side. I understood the delay was mainly caused by the lack of assistants working at M. Dufour’s atelier. This means my watch (and every watch of this last sub-batch I suppose) would get more personal touch from the master himself. 

And of course the master hasn’t forgotten about his clients. Every year, near year end I would receive a Christmas card and sometimes even a nice gift from him

The waiting continues. This reminded me of a fascinating novel — “Waiting” by Ha Jin. As time went by, I also ran into other watches that started love affairs. But I never forgot my Simplicity. Other watches I can pass. But this one is committed, especially since I already put down my deposit. 

One day, a good friend of mine got his Simplicity. He was very generous to invite me for a private dinner at a nice restaurant and showed me the watch (and he paid the bill!). It was my first time to see Simplicity in metal. The watch is 37mm PT with guilloche dial, almost same look and feel as mine. How did it feel? In a word: heavenly. It exceeded my expectation, even though the expectation was already very high. Once again, I felt something deep inside of me, the urge for my Simplicity.

The Landing

Just when year 2009 almost passed, and I began to think about 2010 for receiving my Simplicity, I got an email from Mrs. Dufour. My watch was ready!

Finally it comes, the truck:

The package:

The box:

The watch:

Together with my favorite daily wearer the Anniversary Langematik:

Putting on my wrist:

Going out and breathing some fresh air:

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures caused by the harsh lighting and my shaky hands (no blame on my camera).

Now the watch has been with me for exactly one week, and I have been wearing it most of the time.

So how do I feel after having Simplicity on my wrist for a whole week? Still excited, certainly! But how about the watch? Well, hard to describe. I looked up in my dictionary and found two words. An adjective: pure; and a verb/noun: glow. The watch is so pure that any of us will feel it instantly. There is some magical glow from it that I have never seen from any other watch. I don’t need a loupe to tell that this watch is very special. When observing the magnificent movement under loupe, I’m transcended. When put on wrist, the grey and silvery dial with the beautiful guilloche really shines, in a truly understated manner. Wearing is very comfortable. The 37mm size is perfect for me. I love the shape of the case and lugs. The dauphine hands are my favorite. And what a joy to wind the crown everyday! I am in heaven.

Thank you for reading. Wish all friends who are still waiting for the Simplicity receive theirs soon.

My Simplicity arrived at a perfect time and made it a best Christmas present to myself. It has made a happy ending of year 2009 for me, but that’s not the end. I look forward to many years of enjoyment and happiness living with it.

Wish everyone at this wonderful forum a healthy, happy and prosperous new year 2010 !


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