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Pre-Moon Watch & Pre-Moon Camera#omega2915 #hasselblad500cm Not a true Moon watch 105.012/145.012 and a Moon camera HDC/HEC (modified 500EL) but close enough Not many people know in the first moon landing,…
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Rolex Explorer 探险家指南

A practical guide to collecting Rolex Explorer I & II watches 探险家(Explorer)是劳力士历史最悠久的运动表系列。如果从头侃侃而谈,故事实在太多,篇幅实在太长...... 本文就表论表,直奔主题  --  也就是表本身。并且,本文将力争简短而全面,少说废话的同时尽可能面面俱到,不回避实在的问题,在探险家这个宏大题目下,照顾到高中低各个价位需求的读者。 Rolex is well known for its sports and tool watches. Among all its sports lines, the…
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10 Dreams 梦幻十大

What is an absolutely ultimate collection of 10 time pieces that one can ever dream of, but only possibly in dream? Here is my take... 序: 对表当歌,人生几何? 何以解忧?唯有杜佛。 何以制毒?以毒攻毒。 这一次,给自己下一个无敌剧毒…